What do you need to make a delicious veggie drink?

You will only need 4 ingredients:

Nuts, Cereals, Small seeds

Nuts, Cereals, Small seeds







Look, how simple:

All you need is a hand-blender, your chufamix, 5 minutes of your time and the delicious and healthy veggie drink is ready

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Demo videos

Less then 1 minute

Less then 4 minutes

If you have time

Why should you chose veggie drinks made with Chufamix?

You can become a conscious consumer

You protect environment

You save money


  • You can buy from local farmers or from businesses that are committed to proximity agriculture
  • You can consume products from organic agriculture
  • Use fairtrade products
  • Without the need of producing packages we produce less CO2
  • Besides using the mixer for 1 minute, you only spend 20 W
  • Left-over can be used again
  • Oat-milk
  • Rice milk
  • Almond milk
  • Preservative and coloring free
  • Sugar-free
  • Always fresh

What you can make with the ChufaMix?

What you can make with the ChufaMix?

Download our Veggie drink recipe book to make your perfect drink from nuts, cereal and seeds.
For more recipes

For more recipes

Browse through YouTube YouTube videos!
Visit the Plantmilk website!









Healthy, delicious, fresh veggie drinks

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